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Xpress CBD provides excellent quality CBD derivatives including CBD Oil for Sale, CBD Vape Oil (Hemp), CBD Gummies (Hemp), CBD Cream, and CBD pet care products, which you can safely consume. Elevate your mind and body with our all natural hemp oil based products. Xpress CBD offers a wide variety of options for wellness-minded individuals who are looking for a more naturalistic approach to their daily lives. Have you always wanted to try hemp oil? Perhaps you have a question we can answer about this amazing botanical? Introduce your mind and body to this wonderful plant called hemp, and it’s molecular characteristics (CBD), and you will enjoy a wellness minded lifestyle naturalistic evangelicals are benefitting from on a daily basis.

what is cbd?

Hemp oil is more widely known to be in the Cannabis plant family. However, hemp does not provide the user with the intoxicating element, THC (like its cousin counterpart does). Instead, it shares its mass quantities of cannabidiol, or CBD.  

One common misconception some people have about hemp oil is to think this is marijuana. Even though hemp is part of the cannabis family of species, it is very different from marijuana in many ways.

What’s in CBD Oil?

Our CBD Oil for sale consists of 0.3% THC (the legal limit for this product) and most of the time less. Because of the low consistency of THC, CBD products are not psychotropic and does not cause any effects in the user at all.

Hemp also contains fatty acids which have been known to be great for the body. Unlike its marijuana counterpart, hemp contains high quantities of CBD and low volumes of THC for which its grown. While marijuana is illegal to consume in many states, hemp is slowly becoming more popular and is now legal in all states.

is cbd right for me?

CBD derived hemp oil is a natural substance grown for many purposes, among which are the well-being benefits connected to this plant.  People all over the world love the natural and holistic attributes this plant brings to the table.  

Create your own opportunities and learn for yourself how CBD derived products can benefit your everyday life. Xpress CBD Botanicals wants to make sure you get all of your questions answered by serving you with as much information as we can about hemp and CBD related products you might be interested in.

My first time trying CBD oil. I purchased the 500mg. I use it for better wellness, especially at night and it works amazing. It’s been years since I haven’t woken up several times a night, this oil it has helped me reduce that number by once, maybe twice a night. Next purchase will be a higher dosage, overall definitely recommend. 👍


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