Get an old dog ready for new tricks with Up and Moving! These packets are formulated with whole-plant cannabinoids and are available in special strengths for small, medium or large dogs.

When your dog feels better, so do you. To help make that happen, we’re excited to offer Up and Moving CBD for Dogs by Therabis!

Available in single or 5-packs, these little packets can be sprinkled onto your dog’s food to deliver a powerful hemp extract formula. Promote healthy joints and mobility.


Notice: The 5-packs are changing to 7-packs. The first to go (out of stock) is the 5-pack for large dogs. It is now available as a 7-pack! The small and medium 5-packs will follow suit soon.

Therabis – CBD for Dogs (Up and Moving)

Dog Size
  • Why Choose Therabis CBD for Dogs

    Up and Moving is created with whole-plant cannabinoids, hemp powder, green lipped mussel, vitamin C, and chromium. A great formula for keeping your furry family members fetching.

    • Whole-plant phytonutrients
    • Helps promote healthy joints and hips
    • Comprehensive blend of vitamins
    • Available in specialized varieties for small, medium and large dogs


    How to use CBD for Dogs

    It’s extremely easy to use these Therabis CBD for dogs sachets (packets). Once a day, sprinkle 1 full sachet onto your dog’s food. That’s it!


    CBD for Dogs Sizes

    We have three sizes available. The packets for small dogs each contain 3mg CBD hemp oil and is for small dogs up to 22 pounds. While the medium size has 5mg CBD oil for dogs that weigh up to 60 pounds. Finally, the large size contains 7mg of CBD for dogs exclusively weighing above 60 pounds.

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